Fantasy Coursing 2023/24

Test Your Coursing Knowledge And

WIN Smashing Prizes

The prize stucture will be determined by the number of
entries received and will be announced in early October

The Points Structure

The points to be earned
are as folows:

32 All-Aged

Winner.......50 pts.

Runner-up....25 pts.

Semi-finalists..10 pts.

16 All-Aged

Winner.......30 pts.

Runner-up....15 pts.

Semi-finalists..5 pts.

8 All-aged

Winner.......15 pts.

Bonus Points

Champion Stakes and
Irish Cup

Winner.......100 pts.

Runner-up....50 pts.

Semi-finalists..20 pts.

The Rules (hover to expand)

  1. Points will be allocated to all greyhounds which reach the latter stages of All Age Stakes including Bitch All-Age stakes. There are also BONUS points for the top performers in the Champion Stakes and Irish Cup where the winners, runners-up and semi-finalists will receive DOUBLE the normal all-age points.
  2. Entries once payment received cannot be altered or amended.
  3. Only greyhounds which appear on the list printed in the Sporting Press are eligible by their respective reference numbers.
  4. The top seven scoring grehounds only in each selection will count towards the points total.
  5. Consolation events at the Irish Cup meeting will NOT quailify for points
  6. Points allocated based on official result of event i.e. In the event of a greyhound being disentitled for a breach of the Rules of the ICC, then all points earned are null and void
  7. In all cases the Commitee's decision is final.
  8. Members of staff(or their immediate relatives) of the Sporting Press are not eligible to enter.
  9. Entrants must be aged 18 or over.
  10. Personal data provided by entrants will be recorded and processed only for the purpose of the 2023/24 fantasy league.



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Name & Town will be published on the Sporting Press in the regular Fantasy Coursing leader-board updates.

  • Enter Personal Information.
  • Choose Number of Entries you are paying for.
  • Select Entry 1 tab
  • Enter 8 fantasy codes in entry section and click Verify to display names
  • Continue with confirm or press edit to change fantasy codes
  • If you have chosen multiple Entries proceed to Entry 2 & complete as above
  • Once all tabs have been filled and confirmed, Continue to payment screen

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I am over 18 years of age. I agree to abide by the Competition Rules and to the processing of my personal data.
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